Startup Pavilions give trade shows a simple, proven means to showcase the latest industry trends and technologies – satisfying the constant demand for INNOVATION at any trade show.


By offering qualified startups the opportunity to participate in a dedicated pavilion with turnkey exhibitor packages, including extensive pavilion promotion activities, Startup Pavilions provide a comprehensive and affordable solution that maximizes exhibitor and trade show investment.

Exhibitor Benefits:

Affordable, Turnkey Packages

Negotiated packages that provide startups with everything they need to exhibit – typically at a significant discount to individual exhibitor rates

Better locations for Maximum Exposure

Pavilion locations are significantly better than those offered to individual exhibitors. Our experts negotiate prime locations for our Startup Pavilions to ensure greater exposure for exhibitors with potential business partners, suppliers, investors and the media

Operational Support & Training – Pre-Show & Onsite

All pavilion exhibitors benefit from our planning and training support pre-show and onsite to maximize their show performance. We work with show and official contractors to ensure exhibitors know what to expect prior to the show and are well prepared for any show requirements

Promotional packages

Pavilion exhibitors benefit from significantly greater exposure pre-show & on-site as part of a larger Pavilion. In addition to Pavilion promotion that showcases all exhibitors, we also offer individual promotional packages.

Benefits for Shows

Delivering innovation

Pavilions provide a simple and manageable way to showcase innovation and drive attendee traffic at a trade show.

Managing startups efficiently

Startups can be new to exhibiting and require additional show staff time. Our Pavilion team handles all startup questions and requirements – making it easier for the show staff

Current Startup Pavilions

Consumer Electronics Show, January 7-10, 2020, Las Vegas


North Carolina Startup Pavilion at Eureka Park at CES, January 7-10, 2020, Las Vegas  

Eureka Park is the startup venue for CES, the largest technology trade show in the world.  With more than 175,000 attendees and 4,000 exhibitors, including more than 1,000 startup exhibitors, CES is a massive show.  Individual exhibitors – especially smaller exhibitors – need a way to stand out from the crowd.

The Startup Pavilion gives exhibitors much greater presence and exposure than they would have exhibiting individually, through our prime location, training, podcasts, and promotion – pre-show and onsite.  The result is exhibitors better prepared to maximize their investment.

On-site exhibit packages for the NC Research Startup Pavilion at Eureka Park/CES 2020 Exhibitors is now open.  Contact John Bedor at for more information.