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Enhance Your Trade Show Presence with Digital Services

Podcast Creation

Trade shows are a large investment in time, staff and budget resources. They often don’t return the return on the investment when treated like a singular event. One way to take advantage of your trade show participation is to build your pre and post-show runways through content creation. A podcast can achieve multiple goals from starting the conversation around trade show announcements, developing thought leadership for your key team members and engaging with prospects. Additionally, podcast content can be re-purposed into blog posts, white papers, and social media content.

Social Media Ambassador Program

A Social Media Ambassador program has multiple benefits to offer your trade show. Consider supplementing your existing social media staff or bringing in a complete show event team. An active social media presence will garner social media exposure, engage show attendees, support exhibitors, and sponsors, and develop a volume of content that can be re-purposed for weeks.

Hosting a social media ambassador program can be managed on many budget levels from coordinating volunteers to a full multi-media team of social media specialists. It’s also a perfect service to drive higher sponsor revenues and/or satisfaction.

Services include:

Volunteer Program Coordination: Our team will set up a SMA program for your event and manage your member/attendee volunteers. We will provide the following:

Sponsored Program Management:
Professional Program:
Social Media Ambassadors