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Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

When shows want to increase sponsorship or exhibit sales revenue – or
refresh an established program – they can benefit from an outside
perspective that can leverage industry best practices, share innovative new ideas and provide an objective review of their existing program and how it can be improved.

Our team of sales experts knows how to re-energize an existing exhibit or sponsorship sales program by aligning show benefits with sponsor
objectives to build long-term strategic partnerships. Using a consultative sales approach, our team has built successful programs and identified how existing programs can achieve significantly higher sales revenue.

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The Trade Show Manager
The Trade Show Manager

Operations Management

Show managers learn their craft on the show floor and know there is no substitute for experience. Reliability and trust are key attributes when they are building their team. A successful show team knows how to work together in the stressful and demanding show environment with all the major players required to produce a major show.

Our team of experts understands the dynamics and operations requirements of a major show. Each team member has extensive on-site show management experience with some of the largest and most complex shows in the world. So when a show has a last-minute operations team need, our experts know how to step in and be a trusted part of your team to deliver any component of show operations – from pre-planning to on-site management.

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Special Projects

Every leading show includes a special project each year to keep the show fresh and generate excitement with everyone from attendees to the media.  Special projects can include everything from launching a new technology area/pavilion/booth to celebrating a major milestone. Bringing a project concept to life at the show requires significant creative and logistical expertise as well as the ability to mobilize and manage internal and external teams.

Our team of experts partners with busy show staff to produce and manage memorable special projects that enhance the show experience for attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. We ensure that the special project is fully integrated into the larger show plan to maximize visibility and support the show brand.

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Social Media Ambassadors

Digital Services

Digital services integrated into your trade show have rapidly moved from “what’s that?” to “nice to have” to “essential”. Many trade show companies or show hosts have seen first-hand the dramatic impact that social media, digital services, and attendee engagement have elevated show awareness, enjoyment. and return on investment. Even shows whose attendees many not be daily users of social media have found that event apps, charging stations and streaming video have changed the show experience for attendees as well as sponsors and exhibitors. Indeed, a savvy booth exhibitor with an engaging social media promotion can capture attention away from a larger, more static sponsor presence.

The Trade Show Manager can provide you with a wide variety of digital services to elevate your show presence, attendance, and awareness – before, during, and after your event. The digital services can also “boost the signal” for your major sponsors and hosts increasing satisfaction and renewal rates for costs that can be offset through sponsorship.

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